4.5mm .177cal PowerShot Fast Flight Penetrator Pellets BB for Airgun Airforce Pistol

  • $14.88

For safety, we kindly suggest you buy the steel ball from your local store, OD 3mm is OK. It is very cheep and more safe.

If you also make order for steel ball or pin, it will be shipped after about 7 days when the main shell shipped.

Name: 4.5mm .177cal PowerShot Fast Flight Penetrator Pellets for Airgun

Weight: Main shell is 0.05g / 0.77gr, 3mm steel pin is 0.22g / 3.4gr, 3mm steel ball 0.1g / 1.55gr.

Material: PE / Polyethylene

1: Made of Polyethylene, surface has good lubrication and elasticity, won't cause damage to rifle.

2: More lighter, will be easy to get higher velocity.

3: Food-grade materials, non-toxic.

4: We accept customization, if you need other size or many of them, please contact us.