12g CO2 Pump to PCP Conversion KIT for Crosman Pistol 1377 1322 2240 2250 MYOT

  • $166.66

Attention: Accessories cannot instead of original.

Name: Crosman 12g co2 or pump convert to PCP Kit

Specification: Suit CROSMAN 2240 2250 1377 1322 2300.

1: Difference between Inner adjust constant valve(IA) and Out-side adjust constant valve(OA):

  a.IA is made of 304 Stainless-steel, OA is made of Aluminium-alloy.

  b.Constant pressure of IA can be up to 15mpa, OA at most 10mpa(for safety).

  c.IA look artistic and cohere, OA is easy to set valve.

  d.IA does not have constant valve show, OA has it.

2: We have set the best constant valve before shipping, so you'd better not adjust or disassemble them at will.

3: You will get 2 types of spring, 0.7*7*50 and 0.8*7*50(mm).

4: To install them, you only need to keep the original barrel, grip & trigger set, and Push Pin.

5: In the case of keeping best initial velocity, it can be shot about more than 40 times.(Testing Environment: constant pressure is 5.5mpa, Titanium-alloy cylinder is 20mpa, spring is 0.7*7*50mm). The Ti-alloy cylinder can be up to 25mpa, so you can shoot it more than 40 times.

6: We also have silencer and telescopic sight, if you need, pls contact us.